Solid Ground


I’m a breakthrough-in-training.


I’m learning, slowly, what I live for, though this changes daily. I’m gaining confidence, losing it, regaining it, losing it. I’m laughing at my missteps, right before they hurt me all over again.


I’m going to be a fully-formed me, but in time.


I’m a small revolution caught in the net of a bigger one. I’m still growing, underneath a magnifying glass of my own making.


We’re meant for important truths, ones that live on solid ground. Until then, we float. Until then, we try. 



2 thoughts on “Solid Ground

  1. arkansasrose says:

    I didn’t want to be all stalker-ish and comment on all your blogs but I really enjoyed them all. You have great writing style and a sense of humor that’s enjoyable.

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