These are the things we’d talk about if there were things we could talk about:

Your day, my day, other days. Love and loss and little revelations. Likes and dislikes and memories. Lies and truths and the in-betweens.

If we could talk about things we’d talk about all the things and sometimes no things at all. Because things are complex and things have consequences. Things are stories and regrets and mistakes. Things are honest. Things have layers. To talk about things would mean we’d have a thing and that’s something that you promised you’d never give me, before you changed your mind over and over.

If we talked about things you might be better off, but I’m certain I wouldn’t be. All of the things were your things, because it was always about you. A lot of the things you did, all that time ago, left me feeling things I don’t like. So we’ll leave things alone and wonder if anything we had was real.